Sunday 19 December 2010

What I Love?

Hello my cherubs! This is my new nickname for you all, because lately I have recieved such lovely comments and it's all down to my lovely followers which keep me blogging!

Now this is totally different from anything I have done before but I enjoy reading these type of posts on blogs I follow.

Ok so, what do I LOVE??

1. Being a mummy!! There is no other feeling on earth like this and I am truly blessed to have 2 healthy children.

2. Being A wife! I look forward to the days when me and the hubby can sit on Paigntons Pier and eat fish 'n' chips and play bingo!

3. My 2 beautiful pussy cats Molly & Maisy ( sisters ) This was only just taken, how sweet! They love cuddling up together.

4. Cocoa- Cola
What's Diet Coke all about? Ha ha Whenever I ask for this in a pub I always say 'Can I have full fat coke please!

5. I love all things girly and sparkly! I grew up with boys and so was a true tom boy and that's why I think I'm such a girly girl now.

I could carry on but don't want to bore you totally ha ha! So there you go hope you enjoyed this little post.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Photos used are my own and some are from weheartit.


  1. awwww this made me smile!:)xxxx

  2. naww your boys are adoreable I love this :)

  3. great post. your boys are so cute.

  4. Thanks the picture aint very clear but I have a little baby girl 6 months and my son 3 yrs :) x


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