Tuesday 7 December 2010

Weekend Haul H&M and Accessorize

Morning my lovelies on this cold winter morning!
I popped into town over the weekend to do some christmas shopping however whilst I managed to get some pressies for friends and family I did pick some bits up for me!

I have been wanting to get a hat for a while now, however I'm not a hat person so was very particular which style I wanted and was very happy with my finds! Both hats are the same style but one black one white. I really couldn't decide what colour to go with in the shop and then looked at the price tag £3.99 HELLO!! Get both my mind was telling me.

After reading the lovely Tracys blog Nutty about Nails latest post I was inspired to jazz up the hats so when I saw this beautiful embellished bow clip/pin I knew it would work right away.

This did cost £5.99 but do you know what I'm so glad I got it. I can now use this for both hats and who knows what else I can use this on.

So here are a couple pics showing the beautiful bow, I'm so happy with how it looks.

My other purchase from H&M was this gorgeous scarf which again when I saw it I thought of Tracys post as she had a beautiful scarf with Horses on which is so pretty and vintage looking.
So when I saw this I had to have it, the photos really don't do it justice. The colours and print work so well and again very vintage looking, the print has swallows printed over the scarf.

Your not going to believe the price of this wait for it... £4.99! Jeese can you believe it? They had the same design in black with a green/blue colour to it. This colour combo stood out for me and I was drawn to it instantly. The scarf is a fair size which is great as I find them more versatile then, the material has a light crinkling to it which adds to the whole effect.

I popped into Accessorize where they had 3 for 2 on all jewellery so I picked up a couple pieces for my close friend for christmas and then fell in love with this super cute 'Statue of Liberty' necklace with the red apple charm. Sorry my computer has decided to place this sideways! Tut tut.

Lastly I picked this beautiful rustic wooden heart photo frame up from Athena for my auntie, i'm going to get a photo of the little ones and pop this in here I know she'll love it!

Oh and just a quick hello from Molly my gorgeous pussy cat, she hopes your all having a Purr-fect week :)

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Love how you Jazzed up the hats hun. I so wish I could pull off a hat :(

    Molly is gorgeous is she a tortoiseshell? she looks just like one of mine.

  2. Hi hun Thanks for your comment :) I'm not very confident wearing hats normally as I don't really wear them but these hats are so nice and easy to wear hun. They would look good on you!

    Yeah Molly is Tortoiseshell and I also have another pussy cat Maisy who is B & W :) Will add a pic of her next time x

  3. Love the bow on the hat, I never woulda thought of doing that :)

  4. I love the scarf you got, H&M always have so many gorgeous things, I got a lovely snood from there which i've been wearing non-stop! x


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