Monday 27 December 2010

Sanctuary Youth Boosting Facial In-A-Box

Hello cherubs, hope your all enjoying your christmas festivities with your family, friends and loved ones. We hit the shops yesterday and this morning, I picked up some cards for next year and some gifts which is always a bonus!

We all had an amazing christmas dinner over at my In-Laws, and then felt so fat and full ready to burst! Last christmas I was pregnant so had expandable trousers on... I'm embarrassed to say I could've done with these on Christmas day!


So after all the food and drink, lots of drink I should add I thought my poor skin needed a little TLC. So after raiding my supplies I found the perfect boost my skin longed for! Sanctuary Youth Boosting Facial In-A-Box was just the ticket. I have had this little gem for a while and kept forgetting to use it, I was lucky enough to win this from Jos amazing blog Beautyliciouslove.

What I love about this at home facial kit is the step by step guide, which might I add pops out the side of the box! The pictures are great and the instructions are easy to follow.
I ran a nice hot bath and lit some candles and finally had some 'ME' time.
The products within the box are as follows-

Warming Microbrasion polish 15ml
Time Reversal Face mask sachet 15ml
Firming Youth Serum 5ml
Lift and Brighten Eye Complex 5ml
Stop the Clock Moisturiser SPF15 15ml

I enjoyed using this and have continued to do so, I was pleasantly suprised by the warming Microbrasion Polish. Asoon as this came in contact with my fingertips it immediately heated up and I must admit I wasn't too sure but after a couple applications I actually enjoyed the sensation of the heat on my skin. The scent of these products really are indulgent and for me this is the closest experience to having a spa treatment.
There was also a money off coupon for £3 when used on any Youth Boosting product, I think the warming Microbrasion wins! I will have to have a browse and see what tickles my fancy. That's the thing with coupons you feel like its a crime if you dont take advantage of them dont you? Or is that just me being a spend thrift.

Thanks for stopping by :) What will you be treating your skin too?

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