Friday 3 December 2010

Montagne Jeunesse Review & Giveaway **CLOSED**

Hello my lovelies sorry if any of you have been trying to comment and it wasn't letting you! It's all sorted now and its all back to normal!

Ok onto the review and the best bit a giveaway!
I don't know about you but I suffer from terrible dark circles and being a busy mummy of 2 little ones I probably always look like I need a goods night sleep. Well thanks to Montagne Jeunesse they can help me look and feel more awake.

Have you seen their brilliant 'Eye Cools'? These seriously are brill for anyone, whether your a parent, a party animal (lol), nightshift worker OR if you like a treat every once in a while. Lets face it we all like a little pampering and where better to start than your eyes!
They have 3 different types of Eye cools and they retail at £1.99! Yes you read that right £1.99 Or even better keep reading and you can have a chance to win the set!!!

They have one for Anti-Puffiness which I sometimes get. The patches work even better if you pop them in the fridge to cool. They contain a special blend of plant extracts such as Liquorice and pumpkin.

Anti-wrinkle is something I must admit I am starting to be cautious about, I believe it's all about prevention and these are perfect for a little pampering. These eye patches contain plant collagen and walnut extract which help fight the signs of ageing.

Anti-Shadow eye cools are great I LOVED using these and really felt I was treating my dark circles. These help eliminate under eye darkness and inject hydration to the eye area at the same time! Brilliant 2 jobs in 1.

So now we have taken care of the eyes the next treat is Pore Strips these only cost £1.49 for 3 applications. I have used many brands in the past and whilst they have been a total waste of time these actually work. They don't lift every blackhead HOWEVER after much examination I did see that they lifted alot around my nose area so that's better than nothing.

I was very kindly sent 2 pamper kits and loved using mine so much I wanted the chance for my lovely followers to win one of their own! What is very special about the pamper kit is the Fridge cooler! This is fab for storing your Eye cools in and slots neatly on your fridge shelf or it stands up in your fridge either way it's great storing them.

So now for the giveaway, for your lucky chance to win this pamper set then follow the rules below to be in for a chance.


1. You MUST be a follower of this blog by google reader. (1pt)
2. Leave me a comment below telling me which Eye Cool appeals to you. (1pt)
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Please leave your email and your twitter username so I can check :) Thanks
This is open internationally.
This giveaway will run for 2 weeks ending on the 17th December and the winner will be picked by Random.

Good Luck!

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. ohh interesting giveaway!!

    gfc: stephanie cummins

    i would be most interested in trying the anti wrinkle one.

    sent twitter request: stephie_xox

    following Montagne Jeunesse on twitter as well: stephie_xox

    Thanks xox

  2. I love this brand, I used one of their face masks last night.

    My email is
    My blog is
    I am following the brand on twitter and I have sent you a follow request and will tweet about it (@amy_b_x)

    I would be most interested in the anti shadow one as I suffer from dark circles :(


  3. Please enter me, I like the sound of anti-shadow
    I follow via GFC.
    I follow you and montagne jeunesse on twitter
    I have also tweeted about giveaway @kltaunt

  4. The anti shadow one appeals to me the most because I have bad dark circles :( x

  5. Brilliant giveaway Sherrie!

    I really like the look of the pore strips. Like you say, I've tried so many that don't work and seeing as you recommend this for around the nose area I would definitely love to give it a try.

    I've done all the pointy bits.

    Thanks for such a fab competition.

    Becca xx

  6. ( written altogether without brackets
    carolylyn on twitter

    i've done all steps

    this range appeals to me because it links in with the old cucumber/tea bags on eyes remedy where you put them in the fridge and use them, but this is more special because it's been properly made

  7. enter me please :)
    the Anti-wrinkle one appeal to me!

  8. Hi Sherrie, loving your blog. The Anti Shadow appeals to me as I too am a sufferer of dark circles. I follow your blog as Jude Dunn. I follow you on twitter as @jadlgw. I have tweeted and I am a follower of Montagne Jeunesse on twitter xx Jude xx

  9. Hiya hun

    Im a follower of your blog through Google Reader. My blog is but im not too sure if my google name is Laura Ferry or whatlauraloves hmm anyhow.

    In all honesty, all of the eye cools would greatly benefit me! Esp the anti puffiness ones because at this time of year I go to visit my family a lot who have cats and since im allergic, my eyes are always puffy when i wake up and i cry loads at the film Jack Frost too which I constantly watch at xmas and get puffy eyes from that so something to cool my eyes down and soothe them would be lovely. The anti shadow eye cools would come in handy too since ive got a big deadline at uni in January and I am predicting a lot of sleeples nights!!

    I am already following both you and Montagne Jeunesse on Twitter and I've tweeted that little tweet you said :) My Twitter is @whatlauraloves

    Laura xoxo

  10. enter me please:)

    the anti-puffiness appeals to me the most

    i'm following your twitter and have tweeted @sarahwalker_x

    i'm following montagne jeunesse on twitter


  11. Hi! I'm a follower and I think I really need those anti-wrinkle pads!

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  12. 1. I follow your blog through Google Reader
    2.I would be most interested in the anti shadow one
    3. I follow you on Twitter as @marzutek (I have sent you a follow request )
    4.Tweeted as @marzutek
    5. I follow Montagne Jeunesse as @marzutek

    my email
    on Twitter @marzutek


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