Friday 31 December 2010

Christmas Goodies

I just wanted to share with you a couple christmas presents which I was very lucky to get, I'm not going to go through everything I got because (1) I don't want to bore you and (2) I don't want offend anyone by thinking I'm showing off.

So my Mother In-law did me proud and she bought me the goodies that I really wanted from Mac, she gets 10/10 for hiding them well!

She disguised them in this beautiful gift box, I love these elegant designs which are found on cards, gift wrap and small gifts. You can find this range at most Clinton Card shops.
So once opened this is what was inside...

Powder Blush My Highland Honey ( Sold Out )
I'm so chuffed I have this, my thinking behind the shade was Spring time! In the photo it looks bright but it's not as bright as this, I'm sure you've all seen swatches but incase you haven't just leave a comment if you want any done.

Pearl Glide eye liners Lord it up (Sold Out) & Undercurrent
Again I'm chuffed to get both of these, but must admit I was most hoping for Undercurrent. When I saw the colour swatches I loved it, so different from anything I have.

The Faeire Glen ( Sold Out )
This was on my top list aswell as Cut a paper but Cut a Paper was already sold out when my mum picked the goodies up. However I noticed online this is still in stock but think I will refrain myself seeings have a nice lot of goodies to play around with and plus I have already spent my birthday & Christmas money!

Melon pigmet
Lastly this is not from the Tartan Tale collection but their normal line. I have lusted after this for some time now after seeing this on various blogs and I now have a little list of pigments I wish to collect :)

Thanks for stopping by and if you would like any swacthes then please just ask.

Opps! I just wanted to show you this which I have worn everday since I opened it and literally beamed like a Cheshire cat when I opened it. I have adored this perfume for years and so glad to have this in my collection at last!


  1. wow you got so many great items (especially all the mac makeup)
    happy new year

  2. Oh lucky girl, you got some MAC!!

  3. @FunnyFaceBeauty Thanks! Happy New year to you also x

    @Gaby Yes I was a VERY lucky girly :) x


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