Wednesday 3 November 2010

October Favourites

Blimey can you believe it's November already! Next month is christmas yikes!!!
Ok so rewind a month and here are my October favourites, this is a first for me as I'vw never done monthly favourites. However I love reading these type of posts and thought I would join in and give it ago.

I'm not sure if your mean to limit the items but I found it really hard lol!! So I have 14 not sure if that's a tad too many?

There is a nice mixture of products for makeup, skincare, fragrance and also body.

1. NYX Make-up Artist palette, as you all know I LOVE this palette. I have been using this most days, I find that I may only take one colour from it to finish off a look but I always reach for it when I'm stuck what to go for. I love the dark intense colours and often use these in the creases of my eyes.

2. Benefit Big beautiful eyes, I have used all of this fab mini palette. The only item left is the dark brown shadow which I actually use on my eyebrows to colour in. I bought this from QVC as it was a few quid cheaper than everywhere else.

3. 17 Cosmetics Mirror shine lipstick in Beehive. I was so chuffed when I found this at my grans local Boots which happens to be the size of a corner shop and the big Boots in the Mall didn't have it!! But anyway this is a firm favourite!

4. Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser. This smells so good and is a total pleasure using this both morning and evening. My skin feels like it's in really condition.

5+6. Sleek Contour Kit & Contour Brush. I have been using this so much since I actually won it, this totally changes the shape of the face and the brush is great. I have washed the brush a few times and the quality is still as good. I use the colour LIGHT. The highlighter is lovely ontop of a nice pink/peachy blusher.

7. FYF Concealer, this has only just recenlty become a favourite as I didn't have it till the end of October but again this is another fav of mine. I love the texture and the coverage is just right for me. Plus it really lightens and highlights the eye area in a good way.

8. Nip+Fab Tummy Fix. This has has tons of great reviews and the press release has been crazy about this product. It was sold out but luckily is now back in stock. I have seriously noticed a difference in my tummy tone. However Im not showing my mummy tummy to no one except my hubby!! lol

9. L'oreal Lash serum. I bought this after reading heaps of blogposts claiming how good it is. I have been using this for atleast 4wks now and I'm really liking the results. The lashes on my left eye seem to be shorter and not so good but now iI can tell the difference and see the results. So I'm using this religiously!!

10. Salvatore Ferragamo 'Attimo'. Beautiful fragrance which lasts all day!!

11. Lush Sugar Plum Fairy. This smells so good and really scrubs the skin well. It falls apart as it is a sugar scrub so I store mine in a Lush tub I had. I use this with a small ammount of Snow Fairy and the smell is like heaven.

12. FYF Brown beauty Eye liner pencil. The colour is a nice deep brown which is so soft and glides on the eye. I use this fr a quick simple look which lasts all day.

13. Macs Chromagraphic pencil. These pencil is great and I can't imagine ever using a white pencil again. i use this everyday along the bottom waterline and the look it gives my eyes is brill even if I have been up all night seeing to my baby girl :)

14. Prestige Lip liner Silk. This is a talked about popular lip pencil and I totally understand why, the colour is so pretty and goes with heaps of shades. Especially for me liking nudes/pinks and the price is hardly anything!.

So there you go hope you enjoyed this, I did and looking forward to sharing with you my Novemeber favourites next time. Did you enjoy this, please let me know?

Thanks for stopping by :) What are your October Favourites?


  1. Love the look of the NYX palette - become slightly obsessed lately with palettes.


  2. Lovely favourites, i've not tried lush sugar plum fairy i will check it out when im next in lush. x

  3. NYX is the awesomest make up brand EVER in my opinion! Their products are great quality for a good price! I LOVE IT : D

  4. Cool favorites! :) Can you please do a review on the NYX palette and on the Sleek Contour Kit? :)


  5. Thanks for all your comments ladies :)

    @ Nicoletta it's lovely but can get messy so be careful :)

    @ Stavroula I have done a review already on the NYX palette click on this link to take you to the post.

    As for the Sleek contour kit YES I'm hoping to post about this soon :)

    Thanks ladies :) x

  6. Thank you Sherrie, I'm checking out your review on the NYX palette now and I'm hoping you will post a review on the contour kit soon, they're having 50% off on November 11th! ;)


  7. Your welcome :) I will be posting some looks using the NYX palette soon hopefully :) So keep checking back. OH yes I plan on buyinga few bits, will you? x

  8. Oh cool, I love getting ideas on how to use products in many different looks! :) Of course I'll be buying stuff, Sleek isn't available in Greece and Sleek's website conversion in Euros is more than it should be, so 50% off is a GREAT chance to get what I want! What are you getting? ;)


  9. I adore the dress. Jealous. ♥


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