Saturday 4 September 2010

Wake me UP!! before you go go.....

I spotted these cheap and cheerful body washes when I was doing my weekly shop at Tescos and couldnt resist! Especially with the price tag of only 90p each!!!
I picked up Pomegranate & Raspberry Shower Gel which smells so fruity, I can instantly smell the raspberries and then the pomegranate lingers afterwards. I have to say this is a perfect combo of ingredients they work so well together.

Next up I HAD to get Coconut & Mango shower creme ( I LOVE anything with coconut in! ) at first I was unsure about the mango put once i popped open the lid, my thoughts were soon drifting away as i found myself inhaling the shower creme as much as I could!! The coconut scent is the stronger of the two which I like and then the mango is a softer scent which works really well.

Have you tried these??

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  1. 90p?! I have to get some!
    I'm off to their website to look for a Vanilla one, hopefully they will do it because it's my favourite scent. Thanks for this :) x

  2. No they don't but I'll pick up the two scents you have and the Lime one :)


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