Saturday 11 September 2010

Make-up goodies

I popped into town this morning with a friend and used up my last 2 No7 vouchers!
I decided I needed brushes and bought 2 eye brushes which ended up only costing me £1.50 each!!!
I also had a £4 voucher to use in Marks & Spencers, I found a stunning lipstick and gloss!!!

I was really impressed with these eyeshadow brushes, they feel so soft and for £1.50 each I cant find fault! I picked up the Blend & Contour brush and Eye Colour brush. Look forward to using these tonight when I go out with my friends for tea :)

Nest Stop was the Benefit counter where I had a spray of Gina, I have to say I`m in love! It smells so good... Have you tried any of these? Which one is your fav?

Im so pleased with the next 2 products I found. Another great thing is I only paid £1 for them because I had a £4 off voucher. However they are certainly worth their full price anyway!

Marks & Spencers has a few cosmetic ranges such as Per Una, Autograph, Perfection and the range I bought from which was the cheapest range and not too sure of the name.
The lipsticks were £2.50 and lipglosses £2.50 actually come to think of it Im sure everything was £2.50. My friend bought a nice mint colour polish and that was from the same range only £2.50.

I was browsing the lipsticks and saw this colour straight away, swatched it on my hand and knew it was a lovely nude colour. I was looking on the tester to find the name/number of the lipstick and you could hardly read the name!! ARGH!!! The first part of the name was rubbed off and all I could read was blush. So I searched through all the lipsticks looking for the name, it took ages they were all mixed up and all looked darker. Typical I pick the popular one. Anyway after much searching I finally came across the only one there!! Oh and its called Pale Blush incase you fancy getting one too.

The gloss is stunning it is more of a peachy nude colour and has very fine gold flecks in it which catches in the light and sparkles. These both work well together and I still cant believe they only retail at £2.50 each, I will certainly be buying back ups of these both when I'm in again.

Have you tried anything from M&S cosmetics range before?

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  1. I love the No7 brush I got this week. Think its the Blend and Contour one. Let me know how you get on with it.

    As for the perfume, new addiction is Carmella. Did you smell that one? It's really lovely, but I think they are quite pricey. £29 for 30ml is alot when you look at other perfume houses. I only got mine because I had a gift voucher. Otherwise, I cant say I'd have parted with the cash.

  2. I love the lipstick and lipgloss!

    Hi there, Just found your blog and its great, am now following!


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