Saturday 18 September 2010

Alien Invaders..

I got lucky again and won a competition on twitter last week which was being held by ERB Designs. I'm lucky at the moment I seem to be in the right place at the right time, anyway I won one of their Alien Invaders necklace.

They come in the colour choice of Green or Red, well of course I thought of Toy Story so had to pick the green.

Well here is the little fella.. actually hes not little hes quite big. I personally wouldn't have picked this I LOVE their Mini-Cameo set and would certainly wear this aswell as their Pink Ballerina & Cherry charm bracelets. Check out their website as they have a few other designs which are really fun and quirky.

The packaging was lovely I thought, the little butterfly printed organza bag was sweet and could be used again for another pressie.

ERB Designs have kindly set up a 15% off discount code, enter (sherrie) this is valid until next Friday (24th Sept) Thanks ERB designs x

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  1. Haha this is so cute!I might get myself one!

  2. Ria, if you enter the discount code(sherrie)you will get 15% off :) until next Friday !

  3. So cute! Never heard of these before they have some lovely things on their website! xxx

  4. Thats so cute - im definitely going to check out the website!

  5. Hey hey! It must be your lucky week because you've won my giveaway too! Well done ! I've mailed you to get your address and details :) x


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