Tuesday 17 August 2010

Summer vs Autumn/Winter shades...

Ok who says that we can`t keep wearing our summer nail polishes through Autumn/Winter?? I personally LOVE bright colours on my toes!!

These have been by Fav summer colours:

L-R (Revlon Heatwave/No7 Peach Glaze/No7Berrylicious/Nails Inc New York/Barry M Red)
And now for my Autumn/Winter colours which I must say I love wearing all year round. I really think these are such classy colours on the nails and always draw attention :)

L-R (Barry M Grey 293/No7 Beanie/Nails Inc London)

And then these little beauties are fab for glizting up your polishes for those special occasions ....Christmas comes to mind ;) I`m a christmas girl at heart seeings my bday is 21st December :)

These were sooo cheap a couple quid each I think, they dont have names on them but as you can tell from the pic, Silver/Gold/Purple :)

What will be your Autumn/winter colours???

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  1. Love the glittery ones, i would love to see them on your nails. Are they sheer or quite a heavy glitter?

  2. Nicoletta- I will swatch them for you tomorrow ;)
    I wouldnt say they are heavy glitter but one coat gives a good coverage. You could easily apply 2 coats on your natural nail for a glittered look or just apply 1-2 coats over a polish would transform it :)

    Thanks for your comment :) x

  3. I'm loving the taupe shades out there at for autumn/winter, but will also be stocking up on greys and plums!


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