Friday 27 August 2010

My shopping spree!!!

Well yesterday evening, my close friend and I went on a spree!! This is a sneaky pic of everything I got...

Heres all my makeup freebies & purchases :)

First off we visited the Bare Minerals counter where the lady matched us both up and gave us samples of 2 colours. She said I was inbetween Fair & Fairly Light. She only had samples of the Fairly Light BUT she kindly made up a small pot of the Light for me.

I have to say my intial judgement is thats Im not won over by the mineral foundation. I did have to take ALL my face makeup off for her to match me up and so I could really see the look it creates.
Next we popped into Boots where we both got our free sample of Lancomes Teint Miracle. I was macthed to shade 2 , I must admit at first I thought the pot was so small!! But after using it this morning and seeing the cute little spatula inside the lid I was pleasantly suprised, you dont need alot!!

I then visited the L`oreal counter so I could finally pick up their Renewal Lash Serum, and they are currently giving a free gift when you spend £15+ so I picked up one of their Contour Khols in Golden Green the colour is so pretty and ideal for the autumn. Here is a pic of their free gift and the goodies inside...

I think the gift is very good and I can honestly say i will look forward to using every product :)

Next stop was the No7 counter where I used both of my £5 off vouchers and I bought another 2 eye liners!!! Ok I think I was on an eyeliner mission BUT I have to say I was in need of some new colours and now I have a nice selection!! Especially seeings the L`oreal gift contains a Contour Khol in Dark Chocolate.

Anyway meet Blue Grey & Gold... It was love at first sight. The Gold is a Metallic eyes pencil and felt so soft when I swatched it on my hand. Blue Grey is from their Amazing Eyes range and has a sponge tip applicator on the opposite end. This is also very soft and you can see a very slight shimmer to it in the light. Both only cost £2.50 each after using my voucher.

I got another No7 voucher after spending £15 on L`oreal, ha ha think I will get a lipstick with that one.

We then popped into Zara so I could test their fragrance, after reading on Darling Hearts blog about this being a daupe for Chanels Chance.

At first I didnt like it but once it settled down on my hand it smelt lovely, but think I need to give it another go. Has anyone else tried this?? What did you think??

I did however spot a bargain! A casual 3/4 length black studded top. It was £14.99 reduced to £3.99!!!!!!! Perfect for the chilly weather arriving soon no doubt!!

Then I bought a few bits from good old Primark.....

I wanted a cheap Self-Tan mitt for my St Moriz as it stains my hands terrible!! Saw this cute little alice band for £1.50!!

I saw these really cute Jewellery items and all for £4.50!! The ring is a Bunny with black crystal eyes, when I saw it I thought it looked like something Accessorize would do, quirky looking!! The birdcage necklace is nice and long whereas the bow necklace is shorter.

If anyone would like swatches please comment below :)

Thanks for stopping by:)

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  1. Lovely buys, glad you got your samples, i am a bit disapointed as my bare minerals sample is far too dark. The assistant didnt even test it on me she just said this is your colour and gave me med/tan but its no way near.
    I even said it looks a bit dark but she said no just try it lol.
    I will go back i think and ask for a lighter colour x


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