Tuesday 5 March 2013

Pur Minerals / Mineral Blush & Disappearing Act Concealer Review

Following on from my rave review of the Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Mineral Compact I wanted to share my thoughts with you on a couple more products from their makeup range. 

One of my newest blusher crushes is the Pur Minerals Mineral Blush , it comes in a neat round compact. Great for travelling, doesn't take up much space and is highly pigmented. You need to use a light hand when applying this. The shade I have is Polynesian Pink and let me tell you, the swatches don't do it justice. A beautiful pink, peach with gold shimmer, the perfect spring/summer shade. Looking at it in the pan I would go as far to say it reminds me of Nars Deep Throat, which I so happen to own. After careful and meticulous swatching and checking I would say it's a very good dupe. If not better to be honest. The only difference being the Polynesian Pink has more gold shimmer running through it, which easily blends down to a very subtle glow. The pigmentation of the mineral blush compared to the Nars blusher is better. If you're a Nars Deep Throat/Orgasm fan I highly recommend you check this blush out. Price wise I would say they're even.

Above photo shows blush swatched and then also blended.

I had high hopes for the Disappearing Act 4-in-1 Concealer, and must say I'm still not sure about it. I think the shade may be slightly too light for me. I definitely lightens and brightens the area but not in a subtle way, having said that once I blend it out and apply my foundation over the top of it it does seem to be fine. So if you're a traditional English rose pale complexion this shade would be perfect for you. Texture wise it's a dream to apply, creamy but lightweight. I've used this with my fingertip as well as a brush and find both ways just as good. I do tend to use my fingertips when applying concealer. The warmth from your fingertips warms the product therefore making the application easier and more effective to apply. However sometimes I will reach for a fluffy brush and buff the edges in for a flawless finish. It hides imperfections well without drawing attention to area like some concealer can.

Concealer swatch below.

Have you found the perfect concealer? If so please share...

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