Monday 15 October 2012

VICHY / Normaderm 3 in 1

VICHY Normaderm 3 in 1* £11.00

Being a Beauty Blogger is amazing- I love trying products and sharing my thoughts with you all, but once in a while a product lands on your doorstep which REALLY grabs your attention. So I'm super excited to rave about the VICHY Normaderm 3 in 1 Cleanser + Scrub + Mask.
It ticks all the boxes for me, the product, the packaging and the price. I would gladly repurchase this product. My skin has been such a pain in the rear lately! One miunte it's dehydrated the next it's oily and then combination. Thankfully since using this it's helped calm down my blemnishes and cleanse my skin and give it the deep cleanse it's needed. Once in a while I think it's really good to give your skin a good deep clean. The mirco beads work their magic by un-clogging pores and preventing future blemishes and break outs. 

At first I thought the formualtion would be thick and feel heavy on the skin, however the formulation is lovely. Once applied to the skin and used as a cleanser/scrub the product has a slight foaming action which feels so refreshing on the skin. The micro-beads are gentle and don't feel scratchy but are still effective and feel like they are doing their job!

Whilst I use a few different brands and products I must say since I've introduced this product into my skincare routine my breakouts have been reduced dramatically. If you suffer from break outs and blemishes I would strongly reccommend you try this product. I'm really keen to try more of the VICHY brand. If you use VICHY please let me know what products you enjoy using. I'm interested in their Anti-Ageing products.

Have you tried Vichy? I would love to know your thoughts on the brand!

Sherrie xo


  1. Hey, I really like Vichy products too. I have recently just purchased the Vichy Normaderm hydrating care moisturizer and I already really like it. I suffer from mild acne on my cheeks and already I have less spots. x

  2. I purchased Normaderm Night Chrono-Action Anti-Imperfection Care but had to throw it out. I have combination/oily skin and the occasional breakout. Normaderm broke me out like nothing else had - cystic pimples! Eeew. I haven't seen those on my skin since my early twenties. I don't think it was a cleansing / purging thing, rather more like a "I'm going to show you hell if you continue using me" thing. I've stayed clear of Vichy products since. Having said that, I often read so many success stories with Vichy products so I might just be the exception!


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