Monday 22 October 2012

Neom | 'Happiness' Organic Reed Diffuser


Neom is my favourite luxury brand for the body and home. I have been lucky enough to try their beautiful luxurious Harmonise Candle and their decadent organic Bath Foam but today I am sharing my thoughts with you on their Organic Reed Diffuser. Neom have recently added another two amazing scents to their Reed Diffuser range: Sensuous and Happiness. Happiness is the scent which I have been testing and enjoying! It truly does make you feel happy.

Neom really know how to make each of their products look and feel magical, I love the frosted glass bottle. The scented oil is full to the top and waiting for you to plunge the natural reed sticks in, to start diffusing the fresh and uplifting scent. The scented oil can take up to 48hrs to absorb and diffuse your home with the fragrance. Happiness is such a beautiful scent, containing mimosa which is good for relieving tension (yes please!). Lemon for extra perkiness (oh...hello?) and white neroli to promote a feeling of euphoria. I have the happiness Candle on my Wish List! 

I much prefer the idea of using Reed Diffusers rather than having plug-in scents around my home, one they don't look as attractive and appealing as the reed diffusers but two I have little children which like to poke and prod things! 

The Organic Reed Diffusers are made using 20% natural ingredients and 80% certificated organic. Their price reflects their high quality ingredients and packaging, I think with Christmas around the corner the reed diffusers would make a gorgeous treat for someone special. There's some amazing Christmas Gift Sets available now on the website so pop over and have a drool or two lol! Neom are very meticulous when selecting the right choice of botanicals making the product and the whole experience as close to perfect as possible.

How do you like to scent your Home? 
Sherrie xo

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