Thursday 11 October 2012

NATorigin \ Hypoallergenic Lengthening Mascara


There's not many mascaras which make a lasting impression in my makeup stash but I can honestly say the NATOrigin Lengthening Mascara has! I was surprised to find this mascara becoming one of my favourites. I hate mascaras which are dry and not enough actual product in the wand. One the first application I thought this was the case with this mascara but I think the formulation just needed warming up. Strange I know, but it's true. The first time I tried it I thought it wasn't great, I liked the wand but as for the formulation it felt like the wand was empty. So I popped it back in the box and left it on the side. I think a few days passed and I had finished up my mascara I was already using and needed to find a replacement pretty fast so I reached for the NATOrigins one again and seriously it was like a different mascara. As soon as I unscrewed the and and pulled it out, it immediately made that 'mmccc' sound. The wand was coated well with lots of product and coated my lashes amazingly well whilst lengthening them!

Suitable for the most sensitive of eyes, 98.5% natural ingredients help to strengthen and lengthen lashes.  The formulation is rich in arctic raspberry seed oil, essential fatty acids, red algae extract, shea butter and jojoba oil. All of these ingredients work together to help care and condition the lashes. I don't think I've ever seen such an array of ingredients gone into a mascara before - have you? 

Available in four shades : Black, Brown, Green and Blue.

I think the price point £13.50 is great and think this mascara could certainly give some of the high-end mascaras a run for their money!

Have you tried NATorigin? What mascara are you currently using?

Sherrie xo

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