Saturday 22 September 2012

Lush | Brilliance Emotion Collection

A while ago I was kindly sent some of the LUSH Brilliance collection to play around with. I was immediately drawn in by the quirky very 'Lush-seque' packaging. I must admit I never thought Lush would launch their very own makeup collection, but now it's here it feels like it's always been here if that makes sense. Whilst the vibrant shades stand out the packaging fits perfectly in. You can take your pick from Eyeliners, Liquid Lipsticks, Liquid Eyeshadows, Mascara and Face makeup. All the shades match emotions and when you visit your local counter you will see a huge wheel which you can spin and select the 3 colours which most sum up your feelings and emotions.

Quietly Motivated is described as a bronzed Chocolate Brown, the formulation is the same as the liquid eyeshadows. Very pigmented and easy to apply. I've actually used this as a shadow rather than an eyeliner. It's lovely warm shade which I would wear all over the lid, it also works as a great base for a dark brown shade or a smokey eye look. £14.50 / 5g

Fantasy is described as Liquid Gold, this is a wearable eyeliner shade and looks amazing with a bronzed face and blue soft eyes!  The applicator is fine and it applies easily, the formulation is quite thick but it's very pigmented.  £14.50 / 5g 

Vibrance is described as a Shimmering Golden Orange, this is a liquid lipstick. It's not a shade I would wear. It contains small golden shimmering particles which I imagine would look lovely over the top of an orange/coral shade lipstick in the summer if you have a lovely tan. £14.50 / 5g

Happiness is described as a Sunset Copper, this isn't a shade I would wear but if you love metallics this may well be appealing to you. I do think this shade would look gorgeous on blue eyes! The sponge tip applicator makes application a breeze and the pigmentation is amazing! £14.50 / 5g

Quietly Motivated / Fantasy / Vibrance / Happiness

Overall I love the packaging and love the names and the ethos behind the colours and emotions but for me I think the price is a little high. However if you're after vegan free and natural makeup this collection would be perfect for you!

Have you tried any of the Lush Brilliance Collection?

Sherrie xoxo


  1. I love the packaging and the idea, but the price tag really puts me off!

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. Quietly Motivated looks like a lovely shade! xo


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