Monday 13 August 2012

What's in My Handbag??? Why it's YSL Shocking Mascara!


A little while ago I signed up to, I love having a nosey at the contents of ladies handbags and what they class as their 'GO TO' products when on the go. It's like browsing through a sweetie shop, I often sit with my iPhone and jot down notes!  The website is amazing and is updated regularly, you can also follow them on Pinterest which I recommend. My favourite board is their 'Dreamy Dressing Tables'. If that wasn't enough to lure you into their site, when you sign up to their website you can also opt for the chance to TRY a beauty sample. Each week they post a different beauty sample, of course there isn't enough for everyone so it's a chance of luck if you get selected. I waited a little while and kept checking back to see if any beauty samples caught my eye. So when I saw they had the popular YSL Shocking mascara on a TRY, my fingers couldn't type quick enough! Then just like magic the postman delivered a very chic looking slim line black box to my door, adorned the WIMH logo. My heart lept in my throat and like a child at Christmas I delved into the box to reveal a very generous sample of the YSL Shocking Mascara. Thank you so much WIMH, you've made my day. All weekend I've been glued to You Tube and so many Gurus have been featuring the YSL Shocking Mascara as their monthly favourite. So without further a do, here's what I think.

The wand is a nice size, I like my wands to be long so they manage to coat most of my lashes in one sweep. The formulation is nice and moist, I hate mascaras which feel dry and difficult to apply. The wand grips the lashes nicely combing them through and then coating with a generous creamy layer of mascara. The brush is slightly twisted, picking up the lashes and adding volume from the root.  I applied two coats but to be honest one coat was enough to impress me, my lashes didn't clog or clump. I'm glad I didn't rush to apply my makeup this morning, what's the saying? Good things come to those who wait? Will it certainly did for me today!


I know this mascara comes with a price tag but in all honesty some high street mascaras aren't as cheap as they use to be. I will definitely be purchasing a full size once my sample size runs out.
I'm seeing lots of rave reviews about the new YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation, has anyone tried this? I would love to know your thoughts!

Have you opted to TRY anything from



  1. Your lashes look amazing doll, I think I found my next mascara.

    Sara xx

  2. Im so jealous, i signed up to try this but didnt get picked, wah ): Looks fab though :)


  3. Jealous, this looks like a great mascara, it makes your lashes look beautiful! I've signed up for this now, I wasn't aware of it! x
    Sirens and Bells

  4. This looks amazing on you, what a fab freebie! x

  5. this sounds well interesting, i might have to sign up to it. i love shocking, it's such a good mascara - that size is amazing for a sample!! xx


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