Friday 17 August 2012

NATorigin Pencil eye liners...

There's no guessing which shade is which here peeps! 

100% Naturally sourced ingredients

I've totally been smitten with wearing eye liner recently, I never really use to apply it purely because of time and also I'm going to say it how it is. I'm totally rubbish at applying it, I seriously think a trained chimp could apply eye liner better than me. However after using a few eye liners from a few different brands I've come to accept I'm never being to be great at applying it but when I do apply it I love it! I've been trying out 3 pencil eye liners by the brand NATorigin, they're a natural rand who source out natural ingredients and have won many awards for their products. They have a range of skincare, makeup and body care. I was a little apprehensive when I saw them and thought they may be harsh or pull on the eye but they are so soft and apply like a dream, my favourite is Lilac. Lilac and Grey are the newest shades to the collection. I think grey and black will be shades I use more for evening wear or Autumn looks. You always need a black eye liner, that's like the makeup law! lol

Eye, eye!


I want to point out that these babies are hypoallergenic with a formulation which in beeswax, oily extract of organic arctic raspberry seeds and organic shea butter. Thanks to these special extracts they help soothe the eye area making them perfect for sensitive eyes. They are also reasonably priced at £7.05 each.

You can purchase these eye liners from 

Are you an eye liner gal? What do you prefer, pencil, gel or liquid?

Sherrie xoxo


  1. I love all 3 ahaha, but i do love putting purple all my bottom lash line too :)

    sophierosehearts x

  2. Oh I'm totally gonna get this in the lilac - love it!

    nic x

  3. The lilac one is gorgeous! I am most certainly an eyeliner gal, but I prefer gel liners. Xo

  4. I love the lilac colour! I never used to like eyeliner but I have recently bought loads and loving them more every day.


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