Monday 27 August 2012

Deep heat / Muscle Rescue

I was sent some products a little while ago targeted around muscle discomfort. Well I unfortunaltey I recently hurt my back and reached for these right away. I've always had a weakness in back which happened many years ago but I really hurt it bad the other weekend which put me out of it for a week. I've been to a physio a couple times and since seeing the physio, exercises and using these products I'm now happy to say I'm on the road to recovery. 


Deep Relief / Ibuprofen & Levomenthol
This is the one product I've used the most and reached for the most, the Deep Relief gel helped to numb the dull ache and ease my discomfort. of course you can't take any Ibuprofen tablets, and if you're in any doubt you should always speak to your doctor or pharmacist first before using any type of pain relief or medication. I've used Ibuprofen Gel before so knew this would be fine to use. After reading about Deep Relief Gel* and seeing the benefit and effect it has had it's really impressed me. It helps relieve rheumatic pain and muscular aches, pains and swellings such as strains and sprains and sports injuries in adults and children over 12 years.  YOU MUST WASH YOUR HANDS after using this!

 It is a licensed medicine, available in 50g | £5.10 and 100g £10.20.
Deep Heat Muscle Rescue
These next two products where more of a nice treat, I use the Muscle Soak every time I have a bath. The smell is amazing and very therapeutic, essential oils rosemary, patchouli and orange help to soothe and ease daily stress, aches and muscle tension. I love that this is soothing for my mind and back.
I haven't used the neck & shoulder Cream yet, because thankfully I've not had a sore neck or shoulders. I have smelt the product and it has a very similar herbal aroma as the Muscle Soak. I like the packaging, a tube is great for travelling making it perfect for the handbag or coat pocket. There's a special sponge applicator at the end which means you don't need to get your hands messy.

Bath Soak* £5.49 / Neck & Shoulder Cream* £5.99

Available from Pharmacies and Supermarkets.

Do you suffer from a bad back?

Sherrie xoxo


  1. Yeah i have such a bad posture! I hope you're all better asap!

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