Thursday 26 July 2012

Xen-Tan / Dark Mist Intense Spray.

The Sun has got his hat on, Hip Hip Hooray!
I'm sure you're all aware the sun has finally decided to visit the UK, let's hope it's here to stay. Since the warmer weather has blessed us I've been wearing my summer clothes. I'm not naturally blessed with golden Sun kissed skin. So to help me look nice and bronzed I've been reaching for the Xen -Tan Dark Mist Intense Spray*. Even though this is fine to use on the face, I personally don't like to use this for the face, I like to use a separate facial tanner.

  £23.99   / 148ml

It's so quick and easy to use, I always use a tanning mitt. I normally apply this in the evening and then like to wake up with a golden glow. But if you're in a rush you can apply this in the morning, you instantly get a nice tint of colour. It dries quickly so you don't need to do the 'funky chicken' dance! Ha ha, yes I know you're all guilty of doing it, me included!
It has a subtle scent which is nice and pleasing unlike other self-tans which smell terrible. As long as you keep the skin hydrated the tan will last a good week, I like to top it up on the 3rd day.

You can purchase the Dark Intense Mist online, I would also check out other online beauty places for deals and offers.

Have you tried Xen-Tan? What's your favourite tanner?

Sherrie xoxo


  1. I've heard a lot about Xen-Tan but never tried it myself. I'm a little put off by the price, but I'm so tempted to try it!

    The tanner I'm loving is St Moriz - cheap and cheerful and gives by far the best results out of all the tanners I've tired.
    I blogged about it here;


  2. Hello lovely lady, just checking to catch up on your posts. This is one of my favourites, it seems to be popular with all skin tones ive noticed. I have to say it doesnt make super super dark but i still love the colour and it seems to last well. Hope things are good with you xxx


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