Saturday 16 June 2012

Bronzed Face Feat- Burberry Beauty Summer Warm Glow

Burberry Beauty Warm Glow Bronzer* gives a beautiful sun kissed look to the skin, it not only looks beautiful in the pan but when applied on the skin it gives you a fresh warm glow, without needing to jump on a plane. This is the first time I've tried Burberry Beauty and on first impressions I can totally see why this brand and range is loved by beauty bloggers and enthusiasts. The packaging is very chic and stylish which is to be expected, the compact comes inside it's own little pouch with the Burberry check design. The compact it's self is also adorned with the traditional Burberry check. It has a magnetic fastening which is easy and practical to use, inside is a nice full sized mirror. Once inside I felt a rush of excitement and did hesitate for a little while before swatching and trying the bronzer, as you can see above the bronzer has the traditional check embossed into the powder giving a lovely texture. The powder is very soft and finely milled making it smooth and a pleasure to use. Everything about the Summer Glow Natural Bronzer screams luxury, which makes the whole experience all the more enjoyable and positive.

No'4 is probably a little on the dark side for myself, however with a light hand and a good blending brush I can make this work fine. It works even better when I have a little self-tan on my face, this does have a very soft slight shimmer which is noticeable in the pan but once blended on the skin it doesn't show up as much and gives the skin a beautiful glow. So I've been using this as my contour and all over bronzer, I use the Japonesque Travel Blush for contouring and the Japonesque Travel Powder for all over and buffing in areas which need softening slightly.

Here's a quick FOTD, I did share this photo with you yesterday because I wanted to show how clear my skin was after using 2 facial mask. Anyhoo I used the Burberry Warm Glow all over softly and then used it as my contour. It really compliments a tanned skin, I have been trying out a facial self-tanner which I will feature shortly. 


I've been so impressed with the quality of the Burberry Summer Glow, I'm really keen to try more of the makeup range. I would love to know if you've tried Burberry Beauty and if so what products have you tried and liked?

You can purchase Burberry Beauty online and instore from

Sherrie xoxo 


  1. Oh wow, the packaging for it it so beautiful! It looks absolutely great on you too :)


  2. I love the packaging and the colour. Your skin looks amazing.

  3. I love burberry makeup.. It's such high quality.. Give their lipsticks and eyeshadows ago too if you can.. They're amaazing

  4. I love the packaging.. it looks lovely on you x

  5. This looks worth buying just for the packaging alone. Looks beautiful on you x

  6. Thanks ladies for your kind words, I couldn't believe the quality. Oh and I forgot to mention in the post it smells lovely too!

    I will be sure to check out the eyeshadows/lipsticks next. Seen a few rave reviews on the eyeshadows x


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