Sunday 6 May 2012

Weekend Loves & Hates...

This weekend I've loved snuggling up on the sofa and catching up with all my favourite blogs, a few new ones actually which is always good!
I popped to my local Morrisons to pick up a few bits but also to have a nosey around because it's had a huge refurbishment! I picked up a few nibbles and a mag!

 You can't beat a yummy Hot Chocolate, I saw this at my local Morrisons and found it rather intriguing so picked it, yum yum is all I can say!

I've never seen anything like this and wish I'd discovered these a few months ago, but hopefully they'll still be available this winter!

The next item which I've wanted to try for a while is Ginger beer and I can safely say Ginger Beer is disgusting!!! 

I picked up Company magazine which has a *new look* now, it feels matte and totally different to touch. I like it and it reminds me of an updated version of Glamour. I've been subscribed to Glamour for 2 years now and love the mix of fashion & beauty featured. However after picking up Company and reading through, I could be swapping my subscription! I like the £2 price tag also.

So what did you pick up or try over the weekend?

Sherrie x♥x♥x


  1. I love company magazine. The hot choc looks delish.x

  2. I don't like hot chocolate but that hot chocolate stirring spoon looks amazing! (: I think I'd just eat it straight from the spoon! I like alcoholic ginger beer but I don't like the normal stuff either, it tastes weird! x

  3. Ahh that's a shame, i quite like ginger beer! Cool idea for a post though :) x

  4. @jess- I've not bought Company mag for yonks! I lvoe the new look, I also picked up Instyle the weekend because of Bluebell polish! lol x

    @Life in the wendy house- I will have to try the alcoholic version then! x

    @Katie- Thanks! I need some more ideas so if there's anything you would like to see let me know! x


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