Friday 4 May 2012

Fool's Gold Peace Signs...

I'm so into cornflower/periwinkle bus nails at the moment and recently bought ORLY Snowcone from the states and love it!! Whilst it's still not a perfect match to Gosh Lavender Love it still looks pretty. I recently tried one of the new Topshop Nail Art Pens in FOOL'S GOLD, it's like a very soft dirty rose gold. These pens are so easy to use, I think it's a down to the sturdy pen nib and the control which you can have over them.


You probably guessed that you need to shake and then pump the nib to get the flow of the nail product working. Then once it's flowing freely, away you go!

I'm no expert in nail art design as you can tell below BUT these type of pens really make me want to 'jazz' up my nails. I had a go at drawing some designs which I think look really cool, I wouldn't normally wear these designs all together but I wanted to show you how simple and easy they are to create.


I love the peace signs on the nails and opted for a trio on the thumb finger, I think these are so simple to create, just draw a circle then the lines inside.  I'm going to create a medley of Gold Peace signs all over my ring finger and thumb I think next time. These would look cute on your toes also, the possibilities are endless.

You can pick up the Nail Art Pen in Topshop or online for a very happy £6.50! I've just watched Zoella's April Favourites video and loved the look of the glitter polishes, I want the silver holographic one called ICE CRUSH and also on the Topshop website they have a stunning metallic shade which sort of looks like a rose gold called HYPERREAL.

Thanks for reading, what have you got on your nails??

Sherrie xoxo


  1. Periwinkle/ cornflower blue is my favourite shade of blue, and I think the gold looks lovely with it... I love the peace signs :)

    Frances xx

  2. So cute! Totally ready to experiment with nail art pens, I think :)

    Enter to WIN my hotel, afternoon tea and beauty Competition!

  3. These nail art pens look so easy to use! Think I might have to make a trip to Topshop and pick some up :) x

  4. this post reminds me that i need this pen but in off white
    * prays they have it on the website now *
    liloo /@tsunimee xx

  5. Thanks for your comments ladies!

    @liloo YES I want white as well! Hope you manage to pick one up x


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