Tuesday 17 April 2012

[ Comfort Zone ] Hydramemory - Hydramask

Hello everyone, how are you all? I hope you've all had some sunshine. Even though the sun has been out briefly I've still found myself cold at night, I'm often in my PJ's my dressing gown and a blanket! I must admit I've been enjoying a little pampering and have been using a new face masque from [ Comfort Zone ].
It's great for dry/sensitive/stressed skin. I like the fact it's not fragranced with smell. It's from the Hydramemory range.

When you first apply the masque it gives a very nice cooling sensation to the skin which is calming, then once the skin adjusts to the masque you can enjoy the benefits taking place. One really big factor which I loved about this face masque in particular was how it developed, it didn't dry with time. As you know with the majority of facial masques they dry up after a while leaving the skin underneath feel tight etc. Sometimes this can be a little uncomfortable and even off putting for myself. I don't really like that tight drying feeling on my skin.

Ingredients such as trehalose, baobab extract, hyaluronic acid, rice and jojoba oils.

[ Comfort Zone ] say-

Provides a boost to extremely dry, stressed skin, restoring water content to depleted areas within 10 minutes of application, as well as leaving skin feeling extremely soft and toned.

You can purchase Hydramemory Hydramask here. What facial masques do you like? Are there any other masques you know of which don't dry up on the skin?

Sherrie xoxo

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