Thursday 22 March 2012

Yardley London- New Body Collection

Yardley London is a famous brand which we've all grown up with. First starting many moon ago, Yardley is predominately famous for providing and making soap. During the reign of King Charles 1, when a young man bearing the Yardley name paid the monarch a large and no doubt welcome
Sum to gain the concession for providing all the soap for the City of London. Sadly, the particulars of this enterprise were lost in the Great Fire of London in 1666. Only one detail remained; lavender was a used to perfume the soap. Almost 390 years later, to the current day, English lavender is still synonymous with Yardley London.


English Rose Luxury Body Wash- A must for rose addicts. Combining rose absolute, neroli and chamomile, with a heart rosebud and jasmine petals with warm base notes of amber and sandalwood. I totally agree with the title of this body wash, luxury in a tube. I love a body wash which lathers up and leaves your skin feeling silky soft and smooth.

£3.50 (200ml)


Lily of the Valley Moisturising Body Lotion- Is best described as an elegant scent which may not appeal to everyone. The formulation of the lotion is perfect, it's actually creamier than some lotions I've tried before. It feels light on the skin and absorbs easily without leaving a greasy layer. Shea butter and glycerine help soothe dryness and hydrates the skin alongside grape seed oil and sweet almond oil. Citrus notes combined with fresh spring flowers including, jasmine, geranium and magnolia make the scent come alive.

£5.99 (250ml)


Royal English Daisy- is my favourite scent out of the three and it does remind me of Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh ever so slightly. With a fresh dewy green floral scent and energetic top notes of green leaves and apples. Combined with hyacinth and white rose. I can't get enough of this and would be really interested to try the EDT version to see how it is on the skin and how it lasts. The cream itself is rich containing shea butter and cocoa butter. Whilst the texture is thick and cream it feels light and absorbs easily into the skin which is always a big factor when considering a hand cream. There's nothing worse than having a cream which leaves your hands slick like grease. My cuticles have been thanking me since using this.

£3.99 (100ml)


Have you seen the new Yardley London body collection?

Sherrie xoxo

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  1. I wish I could try out the English Rose body wash :-) too bad i don't live in the UK!


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