Tuesday 6 March 2012

Special Fx Fickles

I have a nail post for you today, heat changing nail polish by FXnailz. A heat sensitive nail polish which changes due to the temperature around you or the heat of your hands. Do the dishes then you'll see the colour change lol



This shade is a pretty cream coral/peach which turns into a very pale peach when dry. I loved the effect of the tips staying a rich coral shade, I tried hard to get a photo which captures this. You may notice it on the photo above on my baby nail. This looked so pretty see ing the colours blend.


I will let you know how I get on with the pretty lilac shade, I have tried this on my baby nail but will take photos of this shade when I've painted all my nails.

You can see the great range of fickles online here the retail at £4.50 a bottle with free P&P.

Thanks for reading,

Sherrie xoxo

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