Wednesday 8 February 2012

Lovely long lashes thanks to Rapid Lash

I've often said I hate how short and stubby my lashes are, I've envied beauty bloggers when they take their close ups and have beautiful long lashes. I've read a few reviews and heard some praise for a couple lash treatments on the market one of which is by Rapid Lash.





This is my lashes now bare with no mascara on and you can just about see how long they are, then below that is with me wearing mascara and they look super long! My lashes have never been this long before, I get excited to put on my mascara in the morning which is nice. Normally I hate putting on mascara because my lashes always look stubby and horrible. But not anymore! Lashes are conditioned and begin to look fuller and thicker which is win win, I haven't noticed them darker yet but that's fine because I ALWAYS wear mascara so that doesn't bother me. As long as my lashes are longer then I'm a very happy lady.




I've been using Rapid Lash for roughly 7wks and have started to see a difference already, they do say it can take up to 8 weeks to notice a difference. I must be honest and say last week I was thinking am I really going to notice a difference? Then over the weekend it's like I woke up and 'BAM' I have lovely long lashes!! YAY

It's really simple to apply, basically after you have removed and cleansed your face in the evening before going to bed you apply Rapid Lash to your upper lashes like you would a liquid/gel liner. You can also use Rapid Lash for your eyebrows

You can purchase Rapid Lash from Boots for £41.00


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