Saturday, 31 December 2011

Nail Board

I quickly came up with this idea and thought I would share with you my Nail photos from the past couple weeks. These are just photos of nail polishes I've been wearing and loving, I tend to take photos on my iPhone everytime I paint my nails so this is like a Nail Board of snap shots!

China Glaze 'Little Drummer Boy'


China Glaze 'Santa Kissing Mommy' & 'Jingle Bells' on ring finger.


O.P.I Simply Smashing!


China Glaze Peace On Earth.


ORLY Fowl Play


My poor nails have taken a bit f a bashing lately do I am going to take a small little break from wearing polish. I started using a treatment last night from ORLY. I will update you all on my progress!


What have you been wearing on your nails


Sherrie xoxo

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