Sunday, 6 November 2011

Soap & Glory Cosmetics

I'm sure you've all heard that Soap & Glory have now launched their new range of Cosmetics, if you haven't heard then you must have been hiding under a rock ? Anyway not to worry because I'm going to fill you all in, I was kindly sent 3 products to show you from the range because I couldn't make it to the launch event *cries like a baby*. The range is quite a big range actually comprising of foundation, concealer, face powder, blush, cheek tint and eyeshadow quads, mascara, eye kohl, lipstick, lip gloss and much more!

I love that they've stuck to their signature retro funky packaging which really sets them apart from other brands. When you see their products you know it's by Soap & Glory which is great branding!

OK so onto the products the first product which I found myself swatching and playing with was their stunning Lid Stuff eyeshadow quad. The eyeshadows not only look stunning but they feel soft and well pigmented. I have Off The Wallflowers which contain 1 matte violet shadow and 3 metallic shadows which are a teal, a  mink and an Aubergine shade. I have worn all these shades and love the Dandy Plum shade all over the lid, I have taken a couple photos showing you different looks I've created using this snazzy quad.

I still can't believe Lid Stuff is only £10, the compact is really hard wearing and the size of shadows are good. There's another two quads which are smokey shades and nude shades. After seeing Fleurdeforce recent October favourites video I really want to try the Whats Nude quad.

The next product which caught my eye was their eyeshadow base It's About Prime as some of you know I adore smokey grey eyes and so this would really appeal to me. Costing £8 is not overly priced and as with most eyeshadow bases you only need a small amount. The underbase comes in 2 shades the shade I have below called Smokey and then another shade which I imagine to be more popular purely because of its natural shade base. I've used this everyday with Lid Stuff and found the staying power fabulous, no creasing which is a factor for me and also the shadows lasted longer and looked better for longer if that makes sense.  The swatch I took below for the purposes of this post lasted all day and eventually I had to remove it with my normal facial cleanser.


Super Colour FabuLIPSTICK comes in three shades which I did find a little disappointing, I hope they add new shades. To be honest none of the shades jumped out to me at first. However after swatching Perfect Day and seeing this on the lips I soon changed my perception and have in fact reached for this every day. The shade is difficult to describe but a very nice natural blush I would say, it looks quite red on my lips in the photo. The shade is so different from anything I usually wear which is nice. The lipsticks retail at £9 and are packaged nicely and worth the money I think I just hope they add more shades.

The photos below show me wearing Perfect Day and to be honest I think the shade quite suits my colouring and this has been my go to Autumn shade lipstick. If I was planning a night out I would spice it up a little and add a gloss over the top.

Overall I have to say I'm impressed with Lid Stuff and also after looking at the other items in the range I want to try some of the face products. The  prices start from as little as £5 with the highest at £11 which is good pricing,  Soap & Glory is available to buy in Boots stores and online at

Have you seen the new Soap & Glory cosmetics range?

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  1. I think I am going to have to swing by my local Boots to check out this range. I also love that they have kept true to their gorgeous and quirky packaging. Don't ever change, Soap and Glory!


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