Friday 11 November 2011

Ojon Volume Advance Styling Spray

Since having my hair cut last week I have been styling it every day and have a great routine now which if you're interested in let me know and I will blog about it. I've been using Ojons Volumizing Styling Spray which feels very light on the hair and smells good! Most hairsprays don't have a pleasing smell but I like Ojons, it reminds me of a salon or spa.

Ojon say -

Pure Ojon™ oil, nature's hair-repairing golden elixir, plus protein-rich Peruvian Amaranth, Jojoba Oil, Wheat Protein and Babassu fortify, multiply, magnify and amplify skimpy, limp hair to make what you've got look like a lot. Creates serious, lasting hold for any desired style but still keeps individual strands from clinging and clumping together so you get a head full of full, flowing hair that still feels touchably soft and swingy. It's really swell stuff.

I had a lot of layers cut in my hair, I asked the stylist to start off quite short so that my hair style looked like a syle and had some body to it. To help give my hair that exra 'Ompf' I've been using the volumizing styling spray and then scrunching/ruffling up my hair and layers as well as a little back combing! I must be honest and say whilst I like the look of my side fringe it's doing my head in, quite literally! I can not stop touching it and re placing it. The past couple days I've sprayed extra spray on the fringe to help keep it in place to stop the temptation of touching.

I found the packaging to be pleasing and enjoyed the different shaped bottle/can. You can purchase this online at and they're currently giving you 2 FREE samples & FREE delivery so maybe now I have your attention? Ha ha the free delivery & free samples is a great deal, offer on till 23/11/2011. If you would like to have spray yourself then pop along to John Lewis.

Have you tried this?

What styling products have you been reaching for this month?


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