Monday 28 November 2011

New Cosy Slippers

Morning my lovelies, I hope you're all wrapped up warm. I thought seeing as its rather chilly today it would be a great chance to show off my new slipper boots which are very snuggly and friendly on the purse!


As you can see they are very snug and very warm on the tootsies.





They have a cute velour bow on both sides of the slippers. The only thing is they have a soft sole so these won't be any good popping in the garden if it's been raining. However because they have such a nice soft sole they are so comfortable on, I've been wearing these round the house all weekend. I got size Medium which is for 5-6 but I would say they are very generous and soon stretch so maybe go down a size?

They come in white/cream and a soft pink, I thought the white/cream option was a no no for me and would soon get dirty. Whilst the pink are still really nice I thought the grey would look nice with everything and not show up the dirt ha ha!

They only cost £4 from Primark so if you need a new pair then pop there and pick yourself up a pair. I'm going to go back and pick up another spare pair.

Have you bought your winter slippers?

Sherrie xoxox

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  1. Love these they are so cute, i will be picking some up too if they have they have any left xx


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