Monday, 21 November 2011

Mandara Spa

With Winter well on its way I've been loving hot bubble baths, who doesn't love lots of bubbles and a nice deep bath? I can't believe I've not tried any of the products from the MANDARA Spa range which is available from Sainsbury's. I've seen the range at my local Sainsbury's and never really stopped to have a nosey or a whiff of their products but BOY oh boy I will be now! I've even picked up a couple stocking fillers for my mum and friends for Christmas.

MANDARA Spa have an amazing range of bath and body products all beautifully scented, luxurious products which quite franking make you feel so relaxed and amazing!

They have five core ranges which have different scents and have a different feel on the body.

Tropical Blooms- The calming collection

Honeymilk Dream- The comforting collection

Amber Heaven- The sensual collection

Island Paradise- The revitalising collection

Citrus Spice- The energising collection

So which collection are you? If you're not sure then take a minute of two to answer a quick quiz on timetospa. All five of the collections have key ingredients which sound and smell fabulous, I love them all. I've been using 2 products from the Island Paradise collection, their Moisturising bath essence 500ml and their fragrance diffuser 100ml.

Moisturising bath essence smells out of this world and really cheers me up if I find I'm in a funny mood, different aromas can be so powerful on the mind and body. I run a nice hot bath and drizzle a nice amount of the bath essence into the running water so I have mountain high bubbles! Please tell me I'm not the only one who loves heaps of bubbles? The bath essence costs £8 from Sainsbury's and for 500ml worth of product this is well worth the pennies. However if you would love to experience all the different collections I would recommend you pick up one of their Christmas gift sets. They have a great gift set called Bath Indulgence which contains a 50ml bottle of each collection, so you get to smell and try all of them. Plus Sainsbury's currently has 3 for 2 on selected gift sets so this would be the ideal time to pick up a couple Christmas presents and pick up a set for you to try! I really want to try Tropical Blooms Honey bath and Honeymilk Dream honey bath next time.

Whilst I've used many bath products before this was the first time I'd used a room diffuser. I found them easy to understand, basically you unscrew the lid and pop the reeds ( sticks ) into the bottle and the uplifting aromas of grapefruit, sweet orange, lemon and patchouli help create a homely paradise in your own home.

These are smelling lovely in my bathroom and every few days I rotate the reeds so the aromas are still fresh and evident.

MANDARA say- Immerse yourself in the revitalising fragrance of grapefruit and lemon and be transported to an exotic island where the stress and tension of daily life will melt away.

Sounds lush right? You running down to Sainsbury's yet?

If your local Sainsbury's don't stock the MANDARA Spa range don't panic you can also purchase the range with


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  1. I love this range from sainsbury's - tried a few bits and pieces but I really want to try the reed diffuser now xx


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