Tuesday 8 November 2011

E> One get Hair Free for 2012

I know it's the winter and I must be honest and say I may not be as religious with my hair removal as I normally am in the summer. OK hands up who also would like the chance to admit to the same lazy sin?? Anybody??

Well have you thought about preening yourself now ready for the summer? Just think if you started using a hair removal machine now you would be fuzz free and no hair worries for summer! No worrying about whether your bikini line is acceptable or whether your arm pit hair is creeping out under your tee! I recently read about a new Hair Removal device on the market called E> One, have any of you heard or seen the device? E>One claims to permanently reduce hair growth in the comfort of your own home. So no more waxing appointments at the salon or buying razors and shaving lotions. When I read about the device I thought of ipulse right away using the IPL (intense pulse light) E> One have done a comparison test using other like minded products on the market, I found this really useful to read and actually was shocked by some of it. A PLUS for me is the fact you can use E> One on tanned skin! Yes ladies you can still tan away and enjoy the benefits of both worlds.

Here are some before/after photos from the website.

You have a touch screen where you select your gender, type of hair, skin colour etc... This looks so easy to use and I found a great video by Dr Sarah Brewster who recommends the E> One system. I found a great video by Dr Sarah Brewer E>One  who gives a brief run down of the system.



The machine looks neat and intriguing, I think the only big factor is the price £1319 yep did you fall on the floor? However when you think about what it's taken to make this machine and what it does it's probably worth every penny. I've tried to look at it from a different angle, this device would be the type of machine found in salons so when you think how much hair removal treatments cost especially the fact you would need a block booking of sessions. Also not forgetting the time you would be saving by using  E> One at home. The machine is actually a worthy purchase, I think to save on costs a great idea would be to speak with some family members and friends and see if you can all chip in and then you can all use it and not be spending your pennies.  E>One have thought about the cost and have made payment easy in four installments making it easier on your purse or husbands credit card lol!

If you live in London then you can have a free trial at E>Ones London showroom you can book your slot online here.

 Would you use E> One? How do you removeunwanted hair?


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