Thursday 13 October 2011

Blistex New Products for Dry Lips

I often suffer from dry cracked lips this time of the year and often find myself reaching for my trusty Blistex Relief Cream which I have mentioned many times on my blog. My lips get so sore in the colder months that they actually spilt sometimes and my lips bleed which is very sore and sometimes they even look swollen. Well this year I am well and truly ready to fight back with 2 super hydrating products from Blistex which are in the new packaging. Also I have their fun fruity-flavoured lip balm which is so retro! I've been putting them all to good use already with the drop in temperature.

Lip Massage SPF15 has got to be one of the most unique lip balms I've tried, with a unique ridged applicator tip which gently massages away rough dry skin. I found from the first application I loved the formulation which is very similar to vasaline. Aloe Vera helps soothe the lips whilst Shea Butter really hydrates the lips preventing dry sore lips. To use the lip massager you just need to twist to release the product, it can take a few twists before anything appears! I can see me using this lots and lots when the winter comes.

Intensive Moisturiser SPF10 is a long lasting quick fix for the lips which gives instant hydration, this would be the one to carry around in your pocket or bag. This is great to use prior to lipsticks, I apply a little dab and then pat into my lips and let my lips soak in the cream. Your lips feel so soft and supple, I like the angled tipped applicator. I've tried lots of lip balms in the past and I always come back to my Blistex Relief cream so i am really excited to try these products through the winter to really test them.

Now this one is fun, it brings me back to my teenage years when I remember flavoured lip Balms where all the rage. I love the smell and taste of this one, I know your not meant to lick you lips but I can't help it. The title says it all really Raspberry Lemonade Blast, once the lip balm hits your lips you have a tasty explosion which hydrates and keeps the lips protected with an SPF15. I'm not sure if you can still get hold of this limited edition treat but check your local Superdrug just incase.

Have you tried any of these new products? Do you suffer from sore cracked lips in the winter or all year round?
Boots currently have selected Blistex products on offer 3 for 2 so check them out, I really suggest the Lip Massage!

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  1. I have horrible lips that are dry and sore all year round so I am never without my trusty lip balm! I tend to always carry carmex, I find that the standard blistex never sinks in properly and leaves a white film on my lips. May have to try that massager one though, looks pretty funky! xx

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  2. I have always loved Blistex much more than Carmex hence looking forward to trying these :)



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