Wednesday 28 September 2011

Everyday Eye Look Using BM Beauty

I've been using a new mineral eyeshadow for the past few days and love it! I haven't used mineral makeup for months and have now fallen back in love with mineral shadows. I love how you can build the depth and create the look you want whether it soft and subtle or deep and intense.
I had the chance to try a product from the New BM Beauty range which is in fact created by former pussy Cat Doll Kimberley Watt and Laura McComiskie. They wanted to create a brand which was cruelty free and has the stamped approval by the BUAV and PETA. The range is also free from parabens, fragrances, synthetic dyes and lots of other nasties. You could say this brand is very pure and natural and suitable for everyone which is great.

I had a look through the range and found it hard to pick but thought I would pick an eyeshadow which was on trend but also could be used in various ways. I decided to try Mississippi Mud which is a matte brown shadow, I find the best way of applying mineral shadow is by patting the shadow onto the lid. You can really build the shadow and even use this with a little water to create an eyeliner. I decided to use this all over the lid building the colour till I was happy and then gently smoked it out into the crease and under the lashes.

Here is the finished look I created...

I wanted to show you how different your eyes can look with a little highlight under the brow! 

What do you think? I personally love this shadow and think this is a great all rounder which everyone should have in their collection. It's a stunning shade which can be used on it's own like I've done or you could use this as a base for your other brown/dark shadows. The prices are also reasonable and affordable, the eye shadow costs £7 which is god value considering how long this will last, you can view the range here.

What would you try from the BM Beauty range? 
Thanks for reading :)


  1. beautiful!

  2. This colour really compliments your eyes, they look stunning and the highlighted eye- what a difference! xx

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  3. Sherrie! I love the look you've created!
    I will try to make the same look today =)

  4. Wow, you are GORGEOUS! <3 I really love your makeup here, your eyelashes look especially pretty :)

  5. You are seriously so gorgeous Sherrie! I have a couple of products from BM Beauty and love them. This shadow is gorgeous.


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