Wednesday 10 August 2011

Things I'm Loving

Hello honeysuckles, this isn't a post I normally do or for that matter have ever done! However I wanted to start introducing a variety of other posts so I hope you like this and please leave a comment if you do. I was thinking of posting one of these a week just to show you what I'm loving which may not be beauty but a mixture.

I am loving Instagram! I know this is probably old news to you all but I got this app a week or so ago and have been hooked, hence my 'Instagram' photo ha ha!

I LOVE LOVE my pussy cats, this is a photo of Maisy! 

I am loving my new Cath Kidston cup and saucer my mum kindly bought me when she was away!

I am loving the 4th book from the True Blood series, these books are amazing and are very easy going and quick to read.

My newest love has to be the Nutra Sonic which is very similar to the Clarasonic but much cheaper.

Then lastly but by no means least I'm loving my Malin + Gotez candle, this smells AMAZING!! I have this by my bedside so I smell this first thing when I wake and last thing at night ♥


What are you loving this week? I *TAG* anyone who would like to just take 5 mins out and take a snap of their current loves.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a lovely day!


  1. I think your tea cup is the most adorable thing! x

  2. Really liked this post :) Love the concept behind it and I think it gives a real insight into your personality/life.

    Keep it up! Steph x

  3. What a nice post!!!
    This days, I´m loving the book (and movie) "Into the Wild"... They are so beautiful, that yesterday I HAD to hear the soundtrack of the movie by Eddie Vedder... I recommend both of them!!!

  4. I love these type of posts, keep up the good work! :-) xx


♥ Thanks for your messages they bring a smile to my face Thank you ♥