Tuesday 9 August 2011

*New* Lip Roll-On By The Body Shop

Afternoon lovelies, the sun has been shining all day and now I am very hot and thought this post would be a good time to show you these amazing cute new lip balms by The Body Shop. Meet the cool  Lip Roll-On  
these are super cool, I love the roller ball applicator! There are 5 scents you can pick from such as Orange, Mint, Coconut, Berry and Rose. I have a natural adoration for anything rose scented, both of these smell lovely and feel great great on.
As you can see from the photos these are very generous in size and will last a fair few months I predict, I like how you don't waste any product when applying these on the lips. I find that with other lip balms you have a tendency of applying a little too much or not enough and then your having to wipe your finger clean.
The Lip Roll On gives a very subtle sheen/gloss over the lips which is very pretty.

These are made with 100% natural ingredients which are very moisturising for the lips, your lips are left feeling soft and kissable. I know these will be used lots when the seasons change as well.
I couldn't believe these are on a special Introductory Offer of £3 each online!! So pop into your local TBS store and pick up one or maybe 2.

Thanks for reading and have a fab Tuesda.


  1. im not really sold on this product, id rather stick to lip balm .Let us know how you get on with them or if its a product thats a bit of a novelty then u go back to a lip balm or chapstick x

  2. I quite like this. I would definitely give it a go and want one. Think they are nice for a change and ensuring you don't end up with too much product on.

    Sure I have had one in the past but can't remember brand at all!

  3. Thanks ladies, i will let you know what I think at a later date. x

    @Giddy princess- I think these balms would bee best on a nude lip, I reckon they would get full of lipstick and other product else which wouldnt be great. Mind you though because they give such a natural sheen/gloss on the lips they enhance your natural lip which is nice. x

  4. these remind me of constance carol glosses they did them in tuti fruti and strawberry but where really gritty..oh a trip down memory lane. Do you remember them in the early 90s xxx


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