Monday 15 August 2011

Malin + Gotez Neroli Candle

Following on from my first 'What I'm Loving' post I wanted to mention the stunning Malin + Gotez candle which was an actual gift. This smells very exotic and alluring, if you haven't heard of Malin + Gotez before then you can check out their website here. As a brand they have skincare, bodycare, haircare, perfumery and much more! I like their packaging which is clean cut and very visual, their products certainly stand out on a shelf.

Did you read the description on the box? Sounds naughty doesn't it? *Giggles to self*

Top Notes
Apple and melon

Middle Notes
Lemon & Mandarin

Base Notes
Iris & Musk

The candle is a nice size and burns for 60 hours which is a very long time, I currently have this by my bedisde because it smells so good. I find it relaxing yet uplifting at the same time, the only sad thing is the cost of the candle. You may need to sit down, are you sitting? How about £37! However I know without a doubt that if money was no object then I would have one of these candles in every room in my house. They have another 7 scents which I imagine all to be as heavenly as neroli, because I'm a true fan of anything rose scented I would love to smell Otto.

Malin + Gotez is available from I recommend you have a look at their Face & Body range. I like the look of their skincare especially their Detox Face Mask, I like to have a nice deep cleanse once a week to keep ontop of my skincare.

Which scent would you pick?

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