Monday 11 July 2011

Natural Collection Rose Petal Lipstick

The sun is shining and wanted to blog about a lipstick I bought yesterday and love it! I blogged about Nars Bolero Matte Lip pencil last week which is a stunning colour, I had a lovely response to the post one of which was by Anastasia. Anastasia mentioned that Natural Collection have a similar shade called Rose Petal, so of I went and I must say apart from them being totally different finishes I am impressed with the colour still. Plus the fact these lipsticks only cost £1.99 is amazing!!! 

 The packaging isn't anything special but for £1.99 can you really complain?
Here's for the swatches, as you can see Bolero for one is matte whilst Rose Petal has a sheen to it, Bolero is much more of a bolder shade but I have to say Rose Petal is still very pretty so I'm still happy.

The texture on the lips is very nice and creamy and their is no scent overall I am very impressed for £1.99!!

Have you tried Rose Petal?
I'm now considering some other shades from the Natural Collection range.


  1. I have rose petal on right now! I love the natural collection - for £1.99 the colours are really pigmented, my favourites are pink mallow, cranberry and rose bud :) i think i prefer the moisture shine to the sheer ones

  2. I didn't like apple blossom (another popular natural collection choice), I loved the colour but it seemed to accentuate any dryness but I'm definately going to buy bolero and rose petal as they're so pretty! x

  3. apple blossom is really popular with a lot of beauty bloggers its a gorgeous nude! not all boots have it though x

  4. I bought rose petal a while back but sadly it was one of the many lipsticks that got shoved to the back of my drawer,my teenage daughter rescued it and has used it up completely. Think i might have another look next time i'm in boots. Looks really pretty on you. x

  5. this is now on my wish list for under 2 quid! wow! I have a red NC lipp which has fab staying power i think its a really underrated brand xxx


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