Saturday 11 June 2011

Models Own Lemon Meringue

I must admit I have a very sweet tooth and pudding is always on my mind so I knew I would Love Lemon Meringue by Models Own.

♥ Yum yum I hear you say?? ♥

Models Own never seems to disappoint, these polishes are a great price and the selection of shades is fab! Something for everyone, I like how you can pick your favourite finish whether you prefer a metallic, glitter, pearl or cream the selection is well thought out!

Have you seen the 3 new Smash-Up Crackle Polish shades Purple, Pink and Orange? These look so smart and just think the possibilities are endless!

I reckon Lemon Meringue with Pink Smash Up over the top would love amazing! What colour combos would you pick??


  1. Lovely color! Models Own nail polish never disappoint! I've own 4 of them and I can't get enough! *I want moree!

  2. I love this colour!! It looks really good on you too... Ah you always make me want to spend money! xxx

  3. I bought Rimmel's fruity pastel yellow, but that was awful. Four layers and still not opaque, so it left me wondering if all pastel yellows are the same.

    I should hunt this one down. Looks beautiful!

  4. I use my Lemon Ice Cream one which is similar to this by Barry M with the blue crackle over the top, looks lovely :) x

  5. Such a nice colour, i already have 17 lemon shebert and barry m's lemon ice cream though x

  6. Thanks for your comments lovely ladies :)

    @Charli ha ha sorry hun ;) x

    @Natalie that sounds lush hun! x

    @ChouxpastryHearts oh no hun! maybe give it a good shake or thin it out some? x


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