Thursday 9 June 2011

Bargain Make-up Bag !!!

I am super excited to blog about this!!

In life you have shoe lovers or handbag lovers or both ha ha! Well without a doubt I am a bag and purse lady and within that category falls make-up bags!
I was in Town a couple days ago and spotted this Hello Kitty Make-up bag, not only do I adore Leopard print but also Hello Kitty so this was like a double whammy of excitement for me. Yep I know you're thinking I need to get a life but I'm quite fussy when it comes to bags and don't often find something I like so this is fabulous! I plan to pop back the weekend and pick up another one before they sell out!!

So without further a do I bring to you the bargain make-up bag.....

The bag is wipeable so perfect for makeup, my current makeup bag is a material one which oftens needs a sponge down.

The bag is nice and deep and I've managed to get a heap of makeup in it so if you want some photos of how much I have in it then please comment below.

Ok so now you're all wondering how much aren't you?? Well sit down you're not going to believe this.....

BARGAIN right??? Seriously I think it's so hard to find a nice decent makeup bag these days without paying a price for it!

I suggest ladies you get into your local store and pick up one or two!! These would be great gifts for friends and family ♥


  1. I love hello kitty too haha, it's an obsession which my boyfriend hates! That make up bag is adorable! xxx

  2. Sweet! I'll be popping into my local on the way to work tomorrow morning. Think I'll get a couple for travel.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. I always buy my makeup bags from h&m. Super bargains & hello kitty too :)

    Cotton2 <3

  4. wow what a bargain, I want it, thank you :-) x

  5. Whaaaat? Yes, that is indeed a bargain. A great one at that lol.

  6. Thanks for your comments ladies :) this is a fab makeup bag x


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