Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Topshop Makeup

Hello lovelies this is my second attempt of writing this post after the big 'WHO HA' with Blogger last week! So annoying Did anyone else lose any posts they did? Well it's a good job this post is something which I could talk and talk and talk about TOPSHOP MAKEUP!
I have wanted to try Topshop Makeup for some time now and am very pleased to share my thoughts with you on some products from the latest Sandstorm collection.
I want to take the time to talk about the packaging, I LOVE the design and the simplicity of packaging. I think Topshop certainly found a gap in the market design wise, the hand drawn image of a lipstick on the boxes is great. The packaging changes when new collections are released whilst the Core packaging remains the same.

♥ Sandstorm Packaging ♥

♥ Core Collection Packaging ♥

I wanted to share some images because I feel Topshop have done a good job design wise so thumbs up from me

LinkFirst up is from the Sandstorm Collection and is a Crayon in the shade Equinox, this is described online as a rose gold shade but I would beg to differ. You can see swatches below of all the products I mention in this post. I think Equinox is a stunning metallic gold neither yellow nor rose. I've been using this daily on my lids and love the look it gives to the eyes. My eyes look fresh and brighter, for me this is can be used 3 different ways which I know of. I have used this all over the lid as my main shade which looks gorgeous with a small amount in the tear duct part. Another way is using this as a primer/base for your shadows, this has some serious staying power which I found out when I tried to clean the swatches from my hand. Then as an experiment I thought this would be worth a try as a highlighter on the cheek bones which surprised me and worked. It gave a very subtle gold highlight which looked pretty over the top of the cream blush.

♥ £8.50 ♥

Next up is a stunning Eye Duo from the Sandstorm range which is described as silver/plum, I would agree and say the colours are a silvery highlight and a rich deep plum shade which is great for a dramatic look. I found the baked duo so easily to use and blend and love the fact these can be used dry or wet for a more intenselook, I want to try the plum shade wet as an eyeliner!

♥ £8 ♥

Sadly the next item was a bit of a disappointment for myself :( Cheek Duo in Desert Sun.
When I first saw this online I knew this would be a product which would appeal to me. I am a HUGE fan of blush and bronzers so this is a double wammy of excitement but sadly this is not pigmented much. The bronzer is ok and workable, I use this all over for a soft subtle glow and this is great for contouring as the finish is matt. However I wish I could say the same about the blush but I really struggled to get any colour onto my fingertip so swatch for you, as you can tell from my swatches below this is very faint. I know compact powders are pressed but this is pressed so much to the point nothing comes off, you can see from the photo below how much I had to rub the top layer to reveal any colour. Has anyone else found the same problem? If this was finely milled and more pigmented this would've been a stunning a product! ♥

♥ £12 ♥

Tawny Lip colour looks like a gloss but in fact is a matt lip colour, think of a liquid mat lipstick and you've got it! This is so different from anything I have and feels so moisturising on the lips, the colour is perfect for me and great to wear with most looks. The staying power is another plus, not sure if this is down to the matt finish but I was impressed with how long this lasted on my lips. I would love to try the other shade in the collection called Daze a stunning vibrant pink!

♥ £7.50 ♥


Take a peak at my FOTD I created using the products mentioned above...

Thanks for taking the time to read cherubs, I'm just so impressed with Topshop Makeup they other great affordable makeup which is bang on trend!

I would really LOVE to know what are your favourite Topshop Makeup items? Please share ♥

This product was sent to me by PR and in no way affects my opinion, my review is honest and based on my own personal thoughts and experiences with the product.


  1. I absoluetely love the color of that lipgloss!! The packaging of the blush is cute too..to bad you didn't like it!!

  2. So pretty Hun, I love the sandstorm collection'! I wish I could get hold of it :o) xxx

  3. Ohh I love your eye makeup, looks really pretty xx

  4. That lip colour looks amazing. I hate lipglosses with shimmer in them, so this looks amazing!

  5. The eye colours look stunning! Love the look you did :)



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