Tuesday 31 May 2011

Orly Nail Lacquer & Instant Artist

I'm so excited to be posting about Orly's Instant Artist Nail Kit, lucky for me I won this through twitter. I'm a twitter addict and love tweeting so please pop along and tweet with me @sherrie821
♥ RRP £28.95 ♥

I had never tried Orly before so this was really exciting because I had heard lots of positive comments about the brand on twitter and blogs which I follow. Lucky for me I won their New Instant Artist Starter Kit and as an extra one of their normal lacquers. I must admit I'm not very confident when it comes to nail art and have often thought that because I don't have the most glamorous long nails that nail art would look silly on my nails. Well wasn't I wrong? This starter kit has really changed my thoughts about nail art, it goes to show you don't need long nails to have pretty nails.

The kit comprises of 5 primary shades and one dotter duo, the actual brush tip in the polishes is brill a tapered brush helps you to be creative without having to be too cautious. These shades are great and the kit is a great start for any novice or experienced Nail technician.

Prince Charming certainly has charmed me ♥ Prince Charming is a stunning Rich Creme, I would say it's almost like a muddy brown shade. I was surprised about the size of the bottle, a full sized bottle is a whooping 18ml which is HUGE.

The polish formula coats very well and evenly I love the 'gripper' handle, such a great idea!
After I had painted my nails I got my creative flare on and created a simple yet elegant mani using the Instant Artist Kit. This is my 1st attempt so please be kind!

This was such a quick and simple mani to create, I love zebra and leopard prints so thought I would try a zebra print design. I used the Jet Black & Crisp White to create the zebra print on the corners of each nail. I painted the full design on the ring finger which looks ok I think, I like how each nail has a small amount of the same design whilst the ring finger carries the main design. I have a few more ideas which I hope to try out soon. I also want to try the dotter tool, so if anyone has any ideas of designs/looks please let me know and I my brave it! ha ha!

I would love to try some more colours from Orly, the Sweet collection is right up my street. As you may already know I am a big fan of pastel shades, I like the look of Pixy Stix, Lollipop, Gumdrop and Cotton Candy.

Have you tried Orly? Which shades do you love?

You can find Orly on twitter @InstantArtist and they also have a Facebook Fanpage


  1. Looks really good for your frist go! how did you get on doing the oposite hand!? thats always my down fall when I try nail art.

  2. Looks great and congrats on winning - I'd love to win a set like that! x

  3. Really love the pattern you created there :) I too always thought short nails were really limited but you've made them look amazing :) xx

  4. Pixy stix is AMAZING!! Love this post xx

  5. Wow, well done, I love it and would never have thought about doing nail art over Prince Charming.


  6. Love that colour combo!


  7. Thanks for your comments ladies xx

    @Leah my right hand is not as good as my left however it turned out better than I thought :) I reckon the more I do it the better It will look x

    @Zoe thanks hun :) x

    @TheOtherSideOfCool Thanks, I hope this has given you some inspiration to have a go :) x

    @Kaushal Ohhh thanks! I so need to try Pixy Stix now lol x

    @Farrah thanks! x

    @Ashleigh Thanks x


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