Monday 18 April 2011

New Skincare by Snowberry

Today I will be reviewing a product from a NEW brand called Snowberry.
Soraya Hendesi is the founder of Snowberry and as a young child she use to make cosmetics from the flowers in her garden. I must admit I did try as a little girl to collect rose petals amongst other flowers from my Grans garden to make perfume! Who else remembers these little childhood memories?
The Snowberry brand is from New Zealand, using the most finest and natural ingredients found from New Zealand as well as remote places around the world. I have been using their Cellular Regeneration Night Cream suitable for 25yrs+


The packaging is very eye catching and looks so different from anything I have seen. The artistry is thanks to london artist Rob Ryan who created the signature look for Snowberry, a very whimsical look which I love! The purple figured lady on the front of the box reminds me of Alice in Wonderland and so you could say Snowberry is a wonderland itself with the ethos and product range.

You may have noticed the Carbon Zero logo featured on the back of the box, this means Snowberry are certified that they manage to produce 'Carbon Neutral' so they have super green fingers. If you would like to read more about this matter then please click on the link above.
Cellular Regeneration Night Cream is on the pricey side for a night cream but when you look at the tender loving care which has gone into the production of this product you can understand why. With ingredients such as Lingon berry, Strawberry Seed, Cloud berry and Murity this cream is very moisturising and nourishing for the skin. Phytic Acid is naturally present in all plant seeds which improves cellular water retention. Whilst Marine Glycoproteins encourage a natural stimulation of collagen production and skin elastins which I'm sure you will all agree sounds just the ticket!

Snowberry advise you apply a small amount of the cream over face and neck area in the evening after cleansing and serums.

I have been using this for over 2 weeks now, I love the feel and look of my skin in the morning. I have a natural colour to my skin and some days I've just used concealer on my dark circles to hide them.

You can find Snowberry online at they are a fantastic online retailer who are super friendly and offer great advice.

Have you tried Snowberry? What are your thoughts on the Brand? Has anyone tried their Instant Deep Cleanser?


  1. I've been wanting to try the Deep Cleanser actually and must get round to ordering it soon. Do let me know if you get it first!! And the night cream sounds like something i would enjoy using.

    Aww and thumbs up for Carbon Zero - makes you feel a little but more virtuous doesn't it?!!

  2. Have you tried the Snowberry Everyday SPF15 yet? It's the best sunscreen on the planet! It'a just so light, non whitening and 100% natural. I bought some for my mother for mothers day and she absolutely loves it too. I highly recommend you try it! It works really well with the Snowberry day cream rich and perfect for our english weather. :) x


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