Thursday, 28 April 2011

Street Party bath ballistic By LUSH

For a limited time only Lush have welcomed back Street Party, a fun filled bath ballistic which is a party waiting to explode. Street Party has been welcomed back not only in time for the Royal Wedding but also to celebrate the great achievement the co-founders Mark & Mo constantine have recieveing their OBE medals. Originally made to celebrate the Queen's Golden Jubilee, so another excuse to re-introduce this for another royal celebration.

♥ £2.95 ♥

I love the Union Jack Flag tag, a very nice touch if I say so myself ♥ Once you drop this huge bath ballistic in your bath be ready for a party! Gold glitter, streamers and golden stars will be over taking your bath with a very fun experience. I would get one of these while you still can as I imagine they will be very popular.

Here's a video showing the Street/bath party, the scent was lovely and very herbal thanks to Lavender.

Thanks for reading and watching! Have a great Royal Weekend ♥


  1. cool video /post. dont think i've ever seen so much glitter in a bath bomb before. you'll look like a disco ball afterwards xx


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