Sunday 6 March 2011

Preppy Princess by Vera Wang

Vera Wang Preppy Princess conjures up thoughts of Gossip Girl in a bottle especially when I saw the visual for the perfume.

The stylish plaid motif and pink heart shaped bottle instantly reminded me of a scarf which I bought a couple winters ago from DP and had to use this as a background, uncanny don't you think?

Preppy Princess is the fourth fragrance in the 'Princess' line of perfumes by Vera Wang, I love how all the bottles tell a story by their designs but the style of the bottles remain the same. This isn't normally a fragrance which I would go for but recently I have been enjoying lighter fruity scents which also have a woody note to them and this is one of them.

♥ Heart Notes ♥
Honeysuckle & Jasmine

♥ Top Notes ♥
Crushed Berries & Juicy Tangerine

♥ Base Notes ♥
Coconut Water & Sensual Woods

I have been using this as my daytime fragrance which has been a nice change from my musky heady scents which I normally wear. The bottle is so pretty when the light reflects on it, I know you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover but when it comes to perfumes aren't we all immediately drawn to certain bottles?
The way the bottle is cut you can either lay the bottle down or you can stand it up, I actually like it boths ways but do stand it up seeings my other perfumes are all stood up together.

Preppy Princess is available from ThePerfumeShop and prices start at £33.50, 30ml but as with all perfumes it's better value to get the bigger bottles for your money.

Have you tried Preppy Princess? or any of the other Princess perfumes? What perfumes are you currently using and loving?

This sample was sent to me by PR and in no way effects my opinion, this is an honest review based on my own personal thoughts.


  1. I've tried the original version, but I haven't given this a sniff yet :) I'll certainly give it a try when I next pop to Boots x

    Catherine x

  2. This looks gorgeous, I think I want...:)



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