Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Cliniques New Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm

Following on from my post about Cliniques New Chubby Sticks I wanted to share with you some product photos and swatches! These are super cute in person, I love their childlike persona.
After using these for a few days I love them both colour wise, Super Strawberry enhances the natural pink in my lips whilst hydrating and giving them a lusious shine. Whilst Whole Lotta Honey gives my lips a stunning warm nude colour.

I'm very impressed with the design of these, whilst they look like chubby little crayons there's no need to reach for your pencil sharpners! Clinique have designed these little cuties whith a retractable end which allows you to reveal more chubbiness when needed. Thumbs up Clinique, we likey likey that design feature.

Here's some extra pics so you can see what they look like on...

Super Strawberry

Whole Lotta Honey

There are another six shades you can pick from, I love the look of Mega Melon & Whoppin Watermelon.

♥ Graped Up ♥ Mega Melon ♥ Whoppin Watermelon ♥
♥ Richer Raisin ♥ Chunky Cherry ♥ Fuller Fig ♥


You can pick up your own cute Chubbiness from your local Clinique counter from the 15th April.


  1. Awww both of these look lovely on you :)

  2. Thanks, they feel great on I just love the design of them so cute! Great for the summer x

  3. These look super fun! Super Strawberry looks great on you. Looks like they have a pretty decent colour pay off for a lip balm type product?

    Clinique don't half have some clever products x

  4. I love the Super Strawberry one! And you look lovely!


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