Thursday 24 March 2011

Clinique New Bottom Lash Mascara.

I was so excited to try this New talked about mascara, I've read and seen some great reviews on Cliniques New Bottom lash Mascara so when I had the chance to try it I was a thrilled.

♥ £10.00 2.5ml ♥

Clinique have come up with such a great design the brush is very small but believe me size isn't everything! Long are the days where you smudge or catch a little mascara underneath your lower lashes. I must admit I'm a little clumsy when it comes to applying mascara so this is a life saver for me. I have the colour Black/Brown but this also comes in Black, for me the Black/Brown is very natural and suits my lashes and colouring fine. I was so impressed how well the little micro brush worked coating each lash individually. The look is amazing my eyes look so wide and fresh. This costs £10 which when you think how much you need to coat your bottom lashes this should last you normal 3 months which most mascaras last, so £10 is a great price!

Clinique say-
Exclusive to Clinique, NEW Bottom Lash Mascara micro-mini brush is one of the smallest on the market with the biggest job of enhancing smaller, more delicate lower lashes. The unique precision applicator perfectly defines bottom lashes to create a naturally wide-eyed, lash look. Housed in a beautifully designed silver floral patterned barrel, its miniature size makes it the perfect portable partner to any Clinique mascara.

Clinique advise anyone with small lashes to hold the brush tip vertically and wiggle through the lashes then hold normally to even out for a perfect application.

Have you tried Cliniques New Bottom Lash Mascara? What are your thoughts? If not then I recommend you stop by your local Clinique counter to have a play ♥


  1. Your lashes look so pretty and natural!!

  2. Thanks! I love it so worth the money ;) x

  3. This looks awesome! Heard about it a couple times now, wondering if it's available in New Zealand yet..

  4. Gotta say I keep looking at this... I DO have a £10 Boots gift card for my birthday I haven't spent yet... ooooh! should I get it??????


    So tempted! :-O

    Does it make it easier to get the mascara onto the bottom lashes? My current mascara (Maybelline One by One - which is great) usually puts too much mascara on my bottom lashes.



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