Friday 4 February 2011

Friday Facial

Morning folks it's that time again Friday Facial is fast upon us yet again! I feel the weeks are flying by!

I would just like to say a BIG THANKYOU♥quickly because since starting Friday Facial I have had such a great response from you all and this really means alot.

Well today I wanted to share with you 2 products, a yummy Chocolate Mud Masque and a Lip Balm both from Montagnue Jeunesse and both super cheap!

I have been trying so hard to cut back on the chocolate but this time I can enjoy some chocolate and not feel guilty about it!
Chocolate Mud Masque is rich in Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter and smells yummy!!

Roughly priced around £1.00

I loved applying this masque, rich and thick to apply which I enjoy as I feel this is really deep cleansing the skin. I have medium size pores on my nose and chin and so I like to use a deep cleansing masque once a month at least. Warning though cherubs, this can be a little messy if you drop any so please don't apply this when standing on cream carpets! Yikes not sure a tub of vanish would remove it lol.

After 5 mins of the masque being on I soon felt the drying tightening feeling associated with masques and actually liked the feeling. It's almost like your skin inside is drawing in all the yummy goodness. A little tip which I find helps loosen the masque is by soaking an old flannel in some luke warm water. Lay the flannel flat in your palms and gently press this on the face and let the water soak into the masque to help loosen up any dry parts.
After removal my face was slighty red so I would suggest any sensitive skins just beware and maybe not leave on for aslong.



Whilst the masque was treating my skin I then treated my poor cracked lips to a little love.
I haven't tried any of Montagne Jeunesse Lip Balms before so this was interesting to try, plus I haven't used a balm in a wand form for years! Since Vaseline brought out their tins I have always used them so this was great, it brough back memories of when I was younger at school and always carried a lip balm wand around with me. I like how you dont need to use your fingers and can just apply straight from the wand. My lips felt moisturised and protected for a while after. There are another 4 other Lip Balms in the range, so I'm sure there is something to suit everyones needs.

I just wanted to show you how much you get, I seriously thought this was going to wind on forever!

So there you go my cherubs, Happy Friday Facial and treat yourself to a nice skin treat! Let me know how you celebrate Friday Facial!

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Ooh the lip balm looks nice! I remember trying that face mask, it was lovely :D x

  2. sounds good and a Friday Facial is a great idea...

  3. Aww great post, I never knew there was such thing as a chocolate facial, looks very nice :)

  4. Wow, a chocolate facial! That looks wonderful.

  5. That masks reminds me of Lush's Cupcake mask but at a much cheaper price. I just grabbed my first sheet masks the other day and can't wait to use them. I'll see if they sell this in the stores here and try it next.

  6. I used the chocolate facial tonight and it is amazing! My skin felt so clean afterwards and I realise how desperately I needed to treat my skin to a deep cleanse! Thanks hun xx

  7. Wow i haven't used one of those masks for years...think ishould revisit! i'm your newest follower by the way, lovely blog :)

    Jo xoxo

    Oh and ps: i also love the Godmother soap!

  8. The chocolate mask looks good enough to eat hehe! And I didn't know they made lip balms, too! Is it new?

  9. The lip balms can be found in Tesco or purchased on the Montagne Jeunesse website at

  10. I was fortunate enough to recieve this as part of my Christmas stocking a few years back. I have since been regularly buying this mask. It costs 99p in all big supermarkets.

    The mask promises to unblock pores and moisturise your skin, it is also labelled as anti stress. The mask contains dead sea salt, cocoa butter and shea butter. To use this mask you need to firstly cleanse your skin with warm water only then pat dry. The first thing you notice when you open the sachet is the yummy smell of chocolate. It smells so lifelike I wanted to eat it, however I don't think this would be a good idea. You then apply the mask to your face and neck and leave for 15 minutes or until it dries. The mask has a thick consistency I personally found that I only used half of the sachet, I lef the other half for use another day. I found that if I spread it too thickly to use the whole sachet it took ages to dry. You can feel the mask working because as it dries it tightens your skin.

    After the mask has dried you need to rinse it off. This is the tricky part as the water turns a horrible shade of brown and if your not careful you end up with splashes of muddy water all over the bathroom. I have since found the most effective way of removing this is in the shower or using an old flannel. The first thing I noticed after drying my skin was how tight and toned it felt. My skin looked bright and healthy. I did need to apply some moisturiser afterwards as my skin felt a little dry.

    I would recommend this to all the chocoholics out there. It is great for a weekly treat. The only thing I would say is don't use it too close to a night out as it did draw out some spots :-(

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