Sunday 23 January 2011

Liz Earle Hand Repair

Morning sweeties, hope your all having a lovely weekend and not too cold! I wanted to share with you a review on Liz Earles Hand Repair. Seeings the weather has gone bitterly cold where I live I've been reaching for this a few times actually during the day. Not only is this a treatment for the hands but also the nails and cuticles.

£14.80 (100ml)

Well Liz Earle have done it again and delivered us another charming product. What makes Liz Earle so magical is simple, the ingredients. The ingredients used are sourced and used in such a way that is second to none. I was trying to find the best way to describe Liz Earle in a nut shell and then when I read their Philosophy I was like YEAH! That's exactly how I feel about the brand.

Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare offer simple, no-fuss beauty products that really work on all skin types by harnessing the potent powers of the finest naturally active ingredients.

Hand Repair has been a life saver for me this past week, I have had such dry and sore chapped hands. Especially where my wedding rings are, does anyone else find this? Being a busy mummy my hands to take some wear and so it's nice to give my hands that special treat they deserve!

As you can imagine this smells enchanting like all Liz Earle products I have tried. They keep you wanting more. I wish I had a Liz Earle Larder where I could just go and smell all the products! Now thats enchanting don't you think?
I can immediately detect the scent of Lavender and Neroli which are within Hand Repair as well as a few other first-class ingredients.

The pump comes with a small little stopper, all you need to do is pull on the little tab to remove the stopper and then discard. There's no need to keep the stopper as you have a lid which keeps the product clean. The pump is easy to use and one pump is enough to hydrate the hands. However I do like the fact with a tube you feel like you can get every last drop of product out.

Have you tried Hand Repair?

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  1. I think i need to try this!i get really dry hands in winter!great review lovely :)

  2. My hands get ever so dry in Winter, after reading this review this product may well be what I've been looking for! Thanks :)

  3. I miss my pre-saving days when I could justify Liz Earle products!

  4. I have not used it but it sounds great. I love Liz Earle products. The smells are amazing. I especially like their combination/oily moisturizer. I literally lie in bed at night thinking "omg my face smells so good!"

  5. @OneMoreLipstick Thanks hun :) x

    @Mim This would last a while seeings its a 100ml and I'm sure they do an even bigger pump! x

    @sweetlikejelly I know what you mean, the products are so good though! Keep an eye out on QVC for offers x

    @FunnyFaceBeauty Yeah I so get you on that one! Have you tried their skin tonic? That smells sooo good! x

  6. Fantastic post! I actually got a teensy mini bottle of hand repair with a Liz Earle purchase (dont you just love how they always give you little free samples?) and it was sooo good I ended up ordering the full size version. In fact I fon't think I've ever used a Liz Earle product and not totally loved it :)


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